THE LATEST STYLE by Rabbi Baruch Cohon


One result of current travel restrictions is spending more time watching television.  Interesting experience, isn’t it?  Among the changes we see, from baseball games that are historical instead of newsworthy, to old films remade by 21st century standards, we can find many new styles.  Watching them, you may find some of those new styles questionable. I did.

American movies that attracted 20th century audiences were frequently action-adventure stories or glamourized bios, and generally featured three C’s — cuties, cowboys, or comedians.  Dialogue was sometimes clever, always censored. 

Not now.  Remakes of some well-known films exhibit a definite change of style.  New releases tend to feature three V’s — vice, violence and vulgarity.  Past standards of story content and acceptable wording are replaced with principal characters whose immorality is totally acceptable.  And four-letter words never heard on screen before invade every character’s dialogue.

Is this how we view our life today?  We know all that stuff existed 50 years ago and exists equally now, but should we glorify it on screen?  That’s the new style, friends.  We need to consider how it can influence our children

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