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  1. Cantor Linda Rich says:

    Hi Baruch:

    I ran into someone from you past at my new position in Laguna Woods. She wanted me to relay this message that she emailed to me. She would like to get in touch with you. Her name and email address is: Jo Ann Cohen-Bleu:

    “I was very excited to speak with you this evening at Temple. Tell Rabbi Cohen that the daughter of Frances Levenson, (Jo Ann,) has been trying to locate him. He used to come to our home for dinner in Westchester in his single days, (before Claire and babies.) It was even before his writing music for The Cisco Kid. Also before he became a Rabbi. I would love to reconnect with him. My sister and I sang inhis Jr. choir”.

    I hope that you will contact her. Please keep me posted. Take care, Linda

  2. Jo Ann Levenson Cohen-Bleu says:

    I have thought about you many times over the years; about Claire and your family. I remember you comimg to our house for dinner, your getting engaged, but mostly being a part of my first choir experience. When I approached Cantor Rich (Freed) I spoke about a melody for the prayer May the Words of our Mouths and the Meditations of our Hearts that I learned in your Jr. Choir and I believed you had arranged. I have never heard that melody since and commented to Cantor Rich and sang it for her. She said she knew you and would pass along my e-mail to you. Its been many years, and I don’t even know if you remember our Family; Frances, Nikki, myself, and Bonnie.My Father was Louis, and my family was one of the founding families of The Westchester Jewish Congregation. I even remember when you left to write for The Cisco Kid. It was so exciting to see the name of someone we knew on the TV! My Mom has been gone for 53 years, Bonnie, for 10 years, and Nikki died just last week; a very sad time for me. I hope you and Claire and your family are doing well.

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