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TEN for the MEMORY

    Our calendars can present us with challenging combinations.   This year of 5772/2012 offers a good example.   The Jewish festival of Shavuot – the Feast of Weeks, or Pentacost – occurs on Sunday and Monday, May 27th and 28th, and … Continue reading

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         Often overlooked is a small miracle described in the opening of the Book of Numbers, this week’s Torah reading.  Nestled quietly among the major miracles, it can still remind us of the supreme value of every life in the … Continue reading

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A few years ago when this was written, this subject was beginning to attract attention.  Now that Mr. Obama announced his changed position, it becomes topical.  Some basic facts and conditions remain valid:   Originally posted by Baruch Cohon on  … Continue reading

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Reviewed by Rabbi Baruch Cohon                 Film festivals gain in importance every year, for the filmmakers and for target audiences.  Once limited to nose-in-the-air programs like Cannes, they now offer varied and sometimes outstanding choices of features, shorts and documentaries … Continue reading

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BLEMISH and HANDICAP by Rabbi Baruch Cohon

        The Torah sets out strict rules for the sacrifices that formed ancient worship and for those who were charged with the duty to offer those sacrifices.  Just as any animal brought to the altar must be as near perfect … Continue reading

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