New Book “Learning Torah All Over Again” by Rabbi Baruch Cohon

We at Cohon Memorial Foundation are happy to announce the publication of a new book by our Vice President, Rabbi Baruch Cohon.  
Entitled “LEARNING TORAH – All over again?” and subtitled “The newest look at the oldest book,” it will be available, in either hard-cover, soft-cover or e-book, on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, or you can order it on the publisher’s website xlibris-Learning Torah All Over Again, or xlibris Bookstore.
Why learn it “all over again?” Well, the daily prayers quote a reason from the Mishna, telling us that some things have no measure. Not in pounds, or feet, or dollars. Not even in pints or fifths. They are like tree branches. 
We taste their fruit in this world and the stalk survives in the world to come. And what are they? Things like honoring parents, acts of kindness, welcoming guests, visiting the sick, bringing home the bride, burying the dead, making peace between people. 
And equal to the sum of all these immeasurables is learning Torah. Give it a try?
     An absolute delight. Baruch Cohon, a rabbi and a Kohen, indeed delivers what his book promises: A new look at the oldest book. He lovingly serves up pithy, profound, relevant, historic, and humorous insights into each weekly portion of the Torah. Perfect reading for a Shabbat family dinner or for a millennial curious enough to ask – what’s all the fuss that’s been made over the Torah for 3 thousand years? My favorite entry: when the rabbi describes his feelings when he blessed 100,000 Jews at the Western Wall.
Rabbi Abraham Cooper
Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action for
the Simon Wiesenthal Center
     For millennia Jews have been faithful to keep the commitment of reading Torah portions year after year. Amazingly, however, with each annual reading, one may encounter yet another perspective…if you let it.
     I truly appreciate this quote from this book: “When two scholars listen to each other about Torah law, the Holy One hears them. When they agree about Torah law, the Holy One loves them.” –Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish.
      While opinions may vary, the truth remains. I am certain this dynamic work, by Rabbi Baruch Cohon, will be a valuable addition to your understanding of the roots of Judeo-Christian truth and faith. I eagerly recommend  “Learning Torah—all over again.
Bishop Robert Stearns    
Executive Director, Eagles’ Wings, NY
     Drawing upon classical and contemporary commentaries and a lifetime of experience and reflection, Rabbi Cohon shares significant insights into each week’s Torah portion. A teacher of generations of students of all ages, the author brings thoughtful and thought-provoking perspective to the study of Torah, in a concise and engaging volume accessible to a broad readership.
Gil Graff
Executive Director of Builders of Jewish Education in Los Angeles
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